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Your New Kitten or Puppy

Congratulations on your new kitten/puppy. Your family will enjoy getting to know your new family member.

The first night is likely to be disturbing for the family. Keep in mind that suddenly being away from his or her’ mother, brothers and sisters is a new experience that will be confusing and frightening for your kitten/puppy.

At bed time, your kitten/puppy will naturally make there loneliness known and the sooner you accomplish the task of teaching them where they should sleep the better for both of you. Resist the temptation to go and comfort the kitten/puppy.  If you leave them alone, natural fatigue will take over they will go to sleep. If you relent and take him or her into your own bed/bedroom, you are throwing away any progress you have made and he or she will always expect this treatment.


Good luck, and remember the first night is usually the hardest.

Cat - Nebelung Kittens in basket

Below are two brochures that can be downloaded and printed off regarding recommended Programs for your Kitten or Puppy (PDF Required)

Click on the respective picture below for the brochure of your choice