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De - sexing

(spaying a female dog; neutering a male)

What aged do I De-Sexed / Neuter my pet?

At Canterbury Vets we recommend de-sexing/neutering at 6 months of age. This is the ideal time, as a kitten/puppy is usually big enough and robust enough to recover very quickly after their operation.

The procedure

Both of these procedures involve having the reproductive organs removed under a general anaesthetic. For males this involves removing the testicles under general anaesthetic and for females the ovaries and uterus are removed.

Why De-Sex / Neuter my pet? The Avantages?

The obvious reason is to stop the production of unwanted puppies and kittens. But also to reduce sexual aggression, roaming and territorial behaviour, and can make for a more affectionate pet.
Importantly, it can prolong the life of your pet and can reduce the number of health problems later in life - reducing the risk of uterine infections and diseases such as pyometra, mammary and ovarian cancers in females, and reduces the risk of prostate and testicular cancer in males

How long will my pet be at the vets?

Your pet is admitted at our clinic at 8.45am (make sure they have not had any breakfast) and will be ready to return home after 4.00pm the same day.

After care

After care for your pet is very important!  

Our Vet Nurses will talk you through and provide you with a detailed “Discharge / After Care” instructions sheet when discharging your pet.

Your pet will probably be a little sleepy for the first 24 hours post surgery and will need to be kept in a nice warm quiet environment. Offer a little water and food if he/she is interested, but  do not be too concerned if they are not interested in anything in this first 12 hours post surgery, however if he or she is not eating and drinking the next day then please call us and let us know.

He or she will need to be kept quiet for the next 7 days, It is important you prevent them from jumping ie onto furniture, in the car and from running around. No swimming for dogs please!!

It is very important that your pet isn’t allowed to scratch or lick at the surgery site. If your pet is worrying about the wound then it is wise to get an Elizabethan collar to prevent your pet from pulling out the sutures.

We would like to see your pet again 3 –5 days after the procedure, for a free post-surgery check-up. 

Please call the clinic on 3070 686 or 302 8125 to book an appointment.

If you are at all concerned about your pet please.


The price ranges from $60 - $280 (plus additional pain relief) depending on the size, gender & species of your pet.

Canterbury Vets desexing group