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Puppy Classes


Puppy Preschool

What is Puppy Preschool?

Puppy Preschool is a fun series of classes, taking in students between 8-16 weeks of age and after they’ve had their first vaccine.

The preschool consists of four one hour sessions, during which you get to watch a pile of cute puppies play, but also by the end of the course you should be well on the road to achieve the following.

  • Learn the principles of positive reinforcement to train your puppy.
  • Socialise your puppy to help it become a well behaved, and enjoyable pet to own.
  • Educate you on some normal dog behaviour, as well as recognise and address behavioural problems early.
  • Provide an opportunity for your puppy to enjoy coming to the clinic. Our vets love seeing our preschool pups as adults as they are always so happy to be in the clinic.
  • Educate you on preventatives, vaccinations and desexing.
  • Have a good understanding of nutritional requirements for a healthy puppy.
  • Help with any other issues or questions you have regarding your new puppy.

The course costs $55, which includes a booklet covering the course contents. On completion your puppy will also receive a certificate, goodies and some great food samples and discount vouchers.

When and Where?

Tia, our fully qualified Vet Nurse runs the classes in the evenings at our Ashburton clinic. The preschool classes run for 4 weeks.

How do I enrol?

You don’t have to be a client at Canterbury Vets for your puppy to attend our preschool. Everyone is welcome.

For more information please phone Tia at our Ashburton clinic on 033070686.

The next class is starting soon.