Large Animals

We provide an extensive range of services to take care of your animal health needs. Whether they're treasured pets or earning valuable income for you, we treat them with the same care and commitment that you do. It's a commitment we take seriously. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week - we're available.

Our Services include:

Animal health & farm production planning                                          Blood testing Complete advisory service
Disease control investigation, BVD, Lepto, Yersiniosis etc                  Drench resistance monitoring
Full laboratory testing                                                                             In-house blood testing
Milk testing                                                                                               Post Mortems
Pregnancy testing                                                                                    Bull soundness examination
Trace element monitoring                                                                      Sick animal medicine
soft tissue & orthopaedic surgical procedures                           X-raying and ultrasound scanning
Vaccination programs                                                                           Calvings, and calf rearing advice
Fawning                                                                                                  Stag soundness examination

Velvetting                                                                                                Velvetting supervisory visits

Sheep measles control plans TB Testing                                              Ram soundness examination - Brucella ovis
Sheep measles control plans                                                                 Vaccination programs - campy, toxo etc

Artificial insemination with fresh or frozen semen                              Flea  & worm control and preventative programmes
ID Micro chipping                                                                                      Vaccination programmes (on farm or clinical)

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