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We provide a comprehensive equine service at Canterbury Vets Ltd and at our breeding station at “Meremeadows”. Whether they're treasured pets or earning valuable income for you, we treat them with the same care and commitment that you do. Our clinics stock a range of equine health and nutritional products, talk to us about how we can help you.

We provide a 24 hour emergency equine service.

Our Equine services include:

Artificial insemination with fresh or frozen semen
Blood Testing                                                         Broodmare & foal recovery
Complete advisory service                                    DNA Testing Embryo Transfers
Fertility & reproduction                                          Faecal egg testing
Full dental service                                                 Full laboratory testing
ID Branding                                                           ID Micro chipping
Injury and lameness management                        Pregnancy ultrasound
Soundness examination                                        Vaccination programs
Sick equine medicine                                            Soft tissue & orthopaedic surgical procedures
X-raying and ultrasound scanning                        Worm control program